Enhans secured a cumulative investment of 10 billion won

September 6, 2023

Enhans, formerly known as Viralpick, a startup in the artificial intelligence commerce solution sector, announced on the 6th that it has successfully secured an investment of 7.5 billion won. Against the backdrop of a global recession that has significantly dampened the investment ecosystem, attention is drawn to the cumulative investment of 10 billion won, including 2.5 billion won in the previous pre-Series A round and the current series.

In this investment round, all initial investors, including Hyundai Technology Investment, L&S Venture Capital, and KDB Capital, participated in follow-on investments, and new investors such as Timefolio and AOA Capital Partners also joined. This is attributed to the explosive growth, such as a more than tenfold increase in revenue compared to the same period last year, demonstrating confidence in growth and technological capabilities to venture capital firms and asset management companies.

Enhans is an artificial intelligence commerce solution startup established in 2021. Previously operated under the name Viralpick, the name was changed to Enhans to strengthen its position in the global market and clarify its vision for the future.

Enhans is developing an action-oriented AI model that goes beyond simple monitoring to analyze opportunities and directly operate commerce, based on data technology that maintains and manages product information worldwide in real-time and in a time series. Through this technology, it has registered 11 patents and filed 13 patents in the United States and domestically related to big data and automation and currently provides subscription-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) services.

Currently, Enhans provides brand acceleration SaaS solutions in a B2B format, actively supporting the entry of numerous brands into domestic commerce as well as commerce markets in the United States, Southeast Asia, and Europe, including Amazon and Shopee. Many domestic major companies, including Samsung Electronics, are already using Enhans' solutions for domestic and international commerce operations. Recognized for its technological capabilities and achievements, it was selected as a First Penguin by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund last year.

Enhans has over 80% of its internal employees composed of IT professionals specializing in big data, artificial intelligence, software development, etc. Diverse talents who graduated from leading global universities such as Seoul National University, KAIST, Hanyang University, Carnegie Mellon University, and gained experience at major tech companies such as Samsung Electronics, Kakao, Coupang, eBay, etc., are gathering to accelerate AI-based Hyper-automation.

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