Enstead, Actionable AI powered shopping agent

Enstead, Actionable AI
powered shopping agent

CES 2024
Enstead AnimationPhone Frame


Hello, we're the Enhans. We specialize in developing and operating various B2B ecommerce solutions powered by AI Agents. In this post, we're excited to introduce a new service: Enstead,a new initiative where Enhans extends its reach from the B2B market to the B2C domain.


We've been dedicated to offering AI-driven solutions primarily for B2B clients, streamlining and optimizing their business processes. However, as our technology predominantly caters to corporate clients, we saw an opportunity to broaden our impact and empower more consumers to benefit from our innovations. That's why we've decided to develop B2C services, aiming to enhance the online shopping experience for everyday consumers.

Identifying Customer Pain Points

In order to align with our vision of "Building AI Agents for Human’s valuable time," we delved into the most significant pain points users encounter during online shopping. We discovered that users often spend considerable time comparing prices and checking delivery dates to make choices. On the other hand, when products aren't clear, users invest time in searching, checking reviews, and comparing prices. Recognizing this as the core of our service initiative, we set out to address these challenges head-on.

Solution Approach

To address these challenges, we leveraged AI technology to analyze users' past purchase records and behavioral patterns, enabling us to offer personalized product recommendations. Additionally, our AI algorithms sift through data to provide insights such as the best prices and fastest delivery options. Through this approach, we empower users to shop more efficiently, saving them time and effort. Furthermore, by integrating these capabilities with AI voice technology based on Action Transformer, we ensure that customers can conveniently access our services anytime, anywhere.


Enstead starts with your voice, tailoring recommendations to meet your preferences and purchase history!

  • Utilizing Voice for Global Product Searches Enstead is a user-friendly voice assistant.Intuitive animations provide an enjoyable interactive experience and enable personalized shopping services.
  • Actionable AI Agent lowers your shopping barriers Enhans unveils the Actionable AI Agent, ready to enhance your buying procedures through adaptive and intelligent buying execution.
  • Action Transformer simplifies your shopping experience At Enstead, our exclusive technology, the Action Transformer, acts as a catalyst for seamless interactions among multiple AI agents and natural languageDiscovering the perfectly matched product Enstead's Al analyzes past purchase data to search and to buy products that align with customers' preferences.
  • Proactive Real Time Deal Monitoring Enstead's proactive deal monitoring algorithm keeps a close watch on the price change of user-saved products and captures the cost-saving opportunities promptly.

In conclusion

Our journey into the B2C market through Enstead clearly explains our dedication to making advanced AI Agents technology accessible to all, enhancing the everyday experiences of consumers.

Enstead, first unveiled at CES 2024, is not yet available for download. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and insights into how Enstead is revolutionizing the way people shop online.

Enhans Unveils AI Commerce Solution ‘Enstead’ at CES 2024 Unveiled
January 12, 2024

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